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The transport management system makes it easy to track the location of the vehicle in real time. These systems consist of a GPS device installed in a vehicle along with software that finds the vehicle’s location and displays it on the screen.

In addition to tracking, the GPS device also sends information about the state of the vehicle and other important information.

One of the biggest advantages of GPS systems is the increased productivity in various transport-related business areas. Tracking fuel consumption allows to accurately calculate travel costs, to alert the driver of his driving style or selected routes, thereby reducing planned fuel costs. Tracking systems are one of the main ways to save time and cost of the company.

Your time is very important to us, so we adhere to the principle to strictly comply with deadlines. To evaluate each customer, we pay special attention to the high quality of all cargo transportation services. We take into account individual customer needs. Our team knows how important it is to deliver the goods on time and to the right place.

In case of urgent delivery, we can offer a crew of two drivers.