UAB TRANSGESTA has been providing the highest level of cargo transportation services for more than 25 years. Over the years, we have developed a network of regular routes throughout Europe, Scandinavia and CIS countries.

We take care of our customers and ensure smooth cooperation, trust and understanding.

We transport full, partial, temperature-consuming and hazardous (ADR grade) cargo for various purposes. Our long-term experience guarantees our customers fast and safe delivery of the cargo to their destination.

Our drivers are introduced to the special instructions to deliver the goods in accordance with all requirements.

The refrigerated semi-trailers are equipped with Thermo King units, and the conditions for transporting food products are controlled by the installed temperature monitoring equipment. Constant temperature mode, temperature monitoring and measurement are available. Thermograph reports are sent to customers upon request during loading and after unloading.

We are constantly growing and expanding our geographic network of transportation. Our transport fleet has a well-developed transportation geography, which allows us to offer our customers safe cargo transportation. We can offer EU customs brokers and customs terminal services, EX, TIR document preparation and customer consultation.

All services are provided to meet specific customer needs.

With our customers, we always find mutually beneficial transportation solutions, as we can offer more than 150 vehicles. We carry small, partial and full loads on international routes. Some vehicles are equipped with ADR kits for transporting dangerous goods. The modern satellite system in the vehicles allows accurate information on the movement and location of the vehicle, ensuring the safety of the cargo being carried.

Our company fleet meets only EURO 6 standards, and it is constantly updated and expanded.

We are constantly investing in our vehicle fleet, so it is modern, safe and efficient. Through constant vehicle maintenance and available staff, we can exceed your expectations. We invest on our own and your security.
The vehicles are equipped with a modern navigation system (GPS) and mobile phones. With built-in GPS systems, we keep in touch with customers throughout their transportation.
We take environmental responsibility, so our vehicles meet only Euro 6 standards. The average age of our vehicles is 2-3 years.

Refrigerated transport ensures ideal conditions for transportation of temperature loads. In refrigerated semi-trailers, the temperature mode is maintained at –25 ° C to + 25 ° C. In order to provide the ideal conditions for temperature loads, we have a telematics system installed, so any temperature fluctuations are immediately corrected.

Trailers are equipped with thermographs that allow you to monitor the temperature inside the refrigerator during travel.

In KRONE trailers we can accommodate even 66 euro pallets in one trailer.

  • KRONE trailers have a height-adjustable intermediate floor, so instead of 33 pallets, with two levels, 66 trays can fit into one trailer. Intermediate floors can be moved to the desired height, therefore, loads of different heights can be loaded on them.
  • When these trailers do not require a two-level floor, their floor can be fixed to the roof of semi-trailers or to a fixed floor. This makes the universal trailer a standard trailer.
  • All refrigerators have pallet boxes and are equipped with euro pallets. If necessary, we can offer euro pallets for replacement.

We are currently using Schmitz Mega trailers. They can be loaded and unloaded from the top, side, or end by a crane, conveniently and quickly, no matter what the order of unloading is. The load is secured using the load securing straps. The Mega semi-trailer can get up to 3m inside height.

Mega features all the advantages of a curtain trailer and is ideal for bulky cargo. That is why our customers are manufacturers and representatives of agricultural machinery, implements and equipment etc.

  • transportation of partial and full cargo on local and international routes;
  • transportation of cargo requiring temperature control;
  • transportation of dangerous goods;
  • cargo storage, loading and unloading, document handling;
  • all customs brokerage services;
  • Other logistics services;
  • TIR service;


All tow vehicles in the fleet meet the EURO-6 standards – 13.6 m. length tent semi-trailers with refrigerators

Civil liability of the carrier is insured by the ERGO insurance group – one of the largest insurance groups in Europe under the terms of the CMR and TIR conventions guarantee the safety of the goods transported.


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