Cargo insurance

All your cargo will be covered by the third-party liability insurance. When planning high-value cargo transportation, our transport managers plan a route to maximize cargo safety. In order to eliminate any possible risk, we suggest insuring cargo additionally. The terms and conditions of additional cargo insurance are favourable and clear.

Why Is Additional Insurance Important?

During transportation, cargo is not protected from unexpected, uncontrollable factors (fire, explosion, theft, storm, flood, etc.) that may affect your business. Carriers’ liability is usually restricted by a limited amount per kilogram, irrespective of the way it is transported: by land, sea or air.

Carrier Liability Restrictions Due to Damage

Land Freight (CMR) 8.33 SDR per kg

Sea Freight (The Hague Visby Rules) 2 SDR per kg or 666.67 SDR* per package

Air Freight (Montreal Convention) 19 SDR per kg

Each customer’s cargo is given special attention. Our experience and contracts with insurance partners allow us to offer you insurance at competitive prices.

Advantages of additional insurance

Purchasing additional cargo insurance coverage will minimize the risk to you;

In the event of damage, the insurer pays additional costs related to additional storage, transhipment, etc.

We will avoid potential financial losses and disputes with business partners

How much will my additional cargo insurance cost?

Use the spreadsheet to specify the value of the cargo and find out the preliminary insurance price: