We are for socially responsible business development. Understanding the core of our business and using advanced technologies enables us to improve our organization’s processes. We are constantly working to reduce the environmental impact of our activities by looking for optimal logistics solutions for our partners.


Electronic logistic document management systems

The electronic logistics document management system has helped us to reduce the use of paper, processes have been transferred to the digital space, i.e., transport orders, transport documentation management, electronic billing system, transport performance analysis.


Economical driving


Our experience shows that drivers behavior is a major factor in the significant impact on vehicle fuel economy and emissions. The economical driving instructor in the company teaches the drivers economic driving skills, we set ourselves targets for the most efficient use of vehicles: optimum engine performance, truck idling, braking and gear shifting. We have proven that economical driving reduces fuel consumption by up to 100% and more.


Fuel efficiency


Advanced technologies increase the fuel efficiency of our vehicles and at the same time reduce emissions. The “TG Group” transport depot complies with the EURO 6 standards and is constantly updated and expanded. “Transgesta servis” helps to periodically carry out maintenance of the existing park.